2nd Call – Final list of the ranked candidates

New final list of the ranked candidades, published on 1st February 2021


What is Quantum Portugal Initiative?

The Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) in collaboration with International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) has opened a second call for 19 PhD Scholarships in the field of Quantum Science and Technology.

We are now seeking students with interest in pursuing PhD studies in the field of Quantum Science and Technology to carry out research at any Portuguese University under supervision of an eligible PI connected to that university. Further, INL offers free access and utilization of INL resources, including joint supervision by an INL researcher. 

We will provide the resources for successful PhD quantum projects, in collaboration with Portuguese University professors. Join us and to pave the way towards the Second Quantum Revolution. This is the new future!

How this collaboration works?
How to apply?
The Call

The Second Quantum Revolution

What is the Second Quantum Revolution? Quoting the Quantum Manifesto (link: https://qt.eu/app/uploads/2018/04/93056_Quantum-Manifesto_WEB.pdf) :

The first quantum revolution – understanding and applying physical laws in the microscopic realm – resulted in groundbreaking technologies such as the transistor, solid-state lighting and lasers, and GPS. Today, our ability to use previously untapped quantum effects in customized systems and materials is paving the way for a second revolution. With quantum theory now fully established, we are required to look at the world in a fundamentally new way: objects can be in different states at the same time (superposition) and can be deeply connected without any direct physical interaction (entanglement). There are many transformative applications, varying from products with a relatively short time to market to revolutionary new technologies that may require more than a decade of research and development.

With the Quantum Portugal Initiative,  we are setting the foundations to train a generation of quantum scientist and technologies to make the contribute to the second quantum revolution.

Our goal, train a new generation of PhD students in the area of quantum science and technology

There is an urgent need for institutions and countries to face this new wave of scientific and technological innovations. In this context, there is a need in Europe to gather critical mass in order for Europe to be competitive in this new fast progressing area worldwide. To that end, by opening a special call-in this area there is a possibility for Portuguese research to be competitive in a European context by training a new generation of PhD students in the area of quantum science and technology.

Call details for PhD Students in Quantum

The objective: a Quantum School in Portugal

This call for PhD students in Quantum is open nationwide (Portugal) to carry out research in collaboration between Portuguese Universities and INL.

INL will offer its capacity in this field and with the universities in Portugal seek collaboration in order to advance the field of Quantum Science and Technology in Portugal. INL will also initiate and coordinate a Quantum School that will host the specific PhD students under this call but also be open to all other PhD students in Portugal within the broad scope of Quantum Science and Technology.

Research areas

The PhD studies in this specific FCT-INL call will include projects in the following areas:


Total of PhD positions that will be opened in two calls in Quantum fields


Research Groups

How will this collaboration with the Universities work?

The PhD student will have a supervisor at INL and another at a Portuguese University. Both the INL and the University supervisors can play the main supervising role. The research of the PhD student will be carried out primarily at INL facilities. INL will provide workspace and material to the PhD student. The research project submitted in the application will describe the necessary coordination activities that are required to ensure the success of the project. 


A candidate must liaise with a researcher at a Portuguese University that will function as the formal supervisor of the PhD candidate.


A researcher at a University in Portugal that can function, formally and practically, as the primary supervisor to a PhD student shall define a research project for the specific candidate.


The University must allow the candidate to be enrolled in a PhD degree programme with the ultimate goal to award a PhD degree, conditioned that usual local requirements are fulfilled.


The INL researcher will act as co-supervisor if there will be research work conducted at the host institution.


INL shall establish partnerships with the higher education institutions that will award the academic degree of PhD to the selected applicants. For this purpose, and following the selection of the research project and the associated candidate, INL will establish a formal agreement with the respective University.

Eligibility conditions, required qualifications and expertise

Candidates must comply with the following requirements:

  • Be a Portuguese citizen, a European Union citizen or a non-European Union Citizen that can be eligible to obtain permit to reside in Portugal;

  • Hold an MSc Degree  (at the time of enrollment) or an equivalent degree in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Quantum Materials Science, Modelling, Simulation or a closely related discipline;
  • Expertise/scientific knowledge in any of the fields above;

  • Fluency in English is required.

  • Not have benefited from a doctoral fellowship or in-company doctoral fellowship directly funded by FCT, irrespective of its duration.

Required Documents

Candidates must enclose the following supporting documents in pdf format, failing which the application will not be considered for evaluation:

  • Motivation letter (1 page);

  • Applicant’s detailed CV, signed and dated (it has to be filled in this predefined template).

  • Research programme, detailing the prospective research work (Programme template);

  • List of publications, patents, posters and awards won by the applicant (when applicable);
  • Certificates of academic degrees;

  • Registration of the recognition of academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions;

  • At least two letters of recommendation;

  • The CV of supervisor and co-supervisor (Supervisor’s CV template), highlighting proven evidence of supervisory capacity, experience, list of projects and research work undertaken, highlighting those conducted in the past five years, list of publications, patents, awards, etc.

Note: The documents must be submitted through the online platform Jobvite, in the “additional files” section using the “add portfolio” icon that appears in the application form.

Find here all the templates you need:

Call guidelines
Student CV template
Supervisors CV Template
Programme Template

Selection Committee members (1st Call) :

Quantum Portugal Initiative: Quantum communication; Quantum computing and Quantum simulation

Selection Committee (A)

–   Dr. Simone Montangero
–   Dr. Adan Cabello
–   Dr. Juan Garcia Ripoll

Quantum Portugal Initiative: Quantum Materials for Quantum Science and Technology and Sensors and Imaging for Quantum Metrology

Selection Committee (B)

–   Dr. Dmitri Efetov
–   Dr. Pablo Alonso
–   Dr. Pedro Sacramento

Final list of the ranked candidates for the 1st Call


Selection Committee members (2nd Call) :

–   Dr. Simone Montangero
–   Dr. Alexandra Silva
–   Dr. Anne Broadbent
– Dr. Chris Heunen
– Dr. Jamie Vicary

– Dr. Mathilde Hugbart
– Dr. Prakash Panangaden
– Dr. Susana Huelga
– Dr. Ugo Dal Lago

2nd Call – Final list of the ranked candidates

New final list of the ranked candidades, published on 1st February 2021